Privacy Policy

Privacy of you (your data, personal information, etc.)  is our topmost priority. And we ensure you that your privacy is completely safe with us. LETS ELABORATE IT.


We collect different types of information whenever you subscribe to our site or using our site services.

Why we collect your information?

  • For better performance of our site.
  • For providing excellent service to you by understanding your needs.
  • For sending email to you(when you subscribe to our site).
  • For improving customer services and overall experience.


We targeted various security options to make sure your information when you register to our site is completely safe and secure.


We use cookies to track your preference regarding our services so next time we give you what you exactly want. With help of cookies, we collect various information that includes-

  • Browser type
  • Browser version
  • Computer internet protocol address
  • The time and date of your visit
  • Time spent on-site or pages.
  • And other analytical data.

How cookies exactly work?

Cookies are basically a file that contains data and includes a unique identifier tracking. Then cookies sent to your web browser and hold on to your devices. You can deactivate cookies in your browser but you might not able to enjoy our full services. After all, it only depends on you what exactly you want.

Different types of cookies

  • Personal cookies do not collect your name, email address, and another personal thing. This real purpose is to collect data for statistical like how much you devoting your time to a particular page of our site.
  • Advertising cookies are used for serving ads on the web page depending on your previous activity.
  • Persistent cookies are set to user account with a set period of time whenever you visit again website these cookies will activate and do their work.

NOTE- You will lose function, better experience, and many things if you delete all cookies. Sometimes the site will not work. So we strongly recommend you not delete cookies if you want a good user experience.


We are not revealing your personal information to any of third-party unless it is very necessary for your safety, rights, taking legal action, etc. we not selling your identity to another party for our personal benefit. But if the third-party is trustworthy and we all taking benefit (“you”, “we” and third-party) then we can.


we include a various link that is not related with our site if you click on that links you will be redirected to the third-party site and afterward we are not liable to any of thing happen to you so you should check the privacy policy of these sites then take your action.

We might update our privacy policy from time to time so we advise to you check the privacy policy of our site periodically. If you subscribe to us then we will email you whenever we change or update our policy.