Why Covalent Compounds are not soluble in water?

Covalent compounds are different from ionic and metallic compounds because they do not have ions. This means that covalent compounds cannot dissolve in water. However, some can be dissolved in organic solvents like alcohols and ethers. 

solvents and solvent:

The solute is the material that is dissolved in the solvent.

Whereas, Solvents are liquids that dissolve other materials. This includes both solids and liquids. Covalent compounds do not dissolve in water because water is a polar molecule, so the covalent bonds cannot hold up against the hydrogen bonding. Covalent compounds will dissolve in organic solvents like alcohols and ethers because those molecules can also form hydrogen bonds. Covalent compounds will also dissolve in other polar molecules like acids and bases. Hydrogen bonding is the attraction between a hydrogen atom and an electron on another molecule. This allows the solvent to break the covalent bond and dissolve the compound.

Why Covalent Compounds are not soluble in water?

The reason covalent compounds are not soluble in water is because they do not have ions. Covalent compounds are held together by enough chemical bond that they do not separate to individual atoms, which means that they do not dissociate into ions when dissolved in water. Ionic and metallic compounds, on the other hand, dissolve in water because their atoms or molecules dissociate into ions when they dissolve. Covalent compounds do not dissociate into ions, so they cannot be dissolved in water. Covalent compounds can only be dissolved in non-polar molecules like those found in alcohols and ethers.

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